Shah Holdings Group

Twenty years ago, Rooziman and Nighat Shah founded Shah Holdings Group in Memphis, Tennessee.

Shah Holdings Group is now a recognized leader in the development, leasing, and property management sectors, serving as a model for development and property management companies alike.

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Integrity. Accountability. Opportunity.

Since its inception in 2000, Shah Holdings Group has garnered expertise that ranges from leasing and property management to development and acquisition. Today the company manages an ever-growing portfolio of over 150 properties throughout the tri-state areas of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi and beyond.

American Dream

The Shahs are committed to providing outstanding customer service, while supporting the management needs of small business owners, investors, and stakeholders. They continue to thrive in their market by taking a humanistic approach to managing properties and understanding the specific needs of their clients.

Because the Shahs started out in the U.S. without money or connections, their passion is giving back to the regions they serve by forming valuable partnerships that create new employment and investment opportunities.

They believe in the American dream.

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